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Cinderbox Comics

About this blog: 87% art, some anime/video games/tunes I like, the occasional opinion about my domain of research, and rare blurb about myself.

About the creator: Graduate student researching substance abuse both from a cognitive neuroscience and social psychology perspective while attempting to find time to be a mediocre hobby artist.
Aug 22 '12

Try Pt. 1/Try Pt. 2 - Spook Houses

i’m trying my best to try; try to cook and clean and bike all the time and search for a new kind of light. i’m trying my best to not hurt my friends or myself but it never works. search for a new kind of light. they told me it’s time to go outside. i try my best, i try to try, try to work, try to bike beneath the sky. wide eyes they make some things so bright, make everyone look like they’ve got more sight. cut by the saw grass, i keep my pace, the harder I look the less there’s a trace. i feel like i’ll never figure out what i want, what it’s all about.

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