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Cinderbox Comics

About this blog: 87% art, some anime/video games/tunes I like, the occasional opinion about my domain of research, and rare blurb about myself.

About the creator: Graduate student researching substance abuse both from a cognitive neuroscience and social psychology perspective while attempting to find time to be a mediocre hobby artist.
Jul 7 '12
Paul Baribeau - Falling In Love With Your Best Friend (Grand Ledge)

Falling In Love With Your Best Friend - Paul Baribeau

I heard a song once
about falling in love with your best friend
I’d give about anything to hear that song again

last summer I was
singing along with my favorite band
every word they’d scream was neon green

I already knew I’d fallen apart
but that was the first time I’d noticed
that I was slowly but surely coming back together

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